Impact Through People Analytics

HR is under increasing pressure to demonstrate business impact. It is critical to prioritise the things we can do to make a difference to business performance. Taking an analytical approach and using evidence, rather than relying on gut instinct alone, is a massive opportunity. The HR function has access to more data than ever before as the digital revolution continues to grow across many organisations. Using HR data can help build the credibility of the function and improve the quality of decision making, enable employees to be more engaged, and optimise the impact of business and people-based processes.


Programme One:
28 - 29 Jun: 9.00 - 17.00
9 Sep 2022 (follow-on session)

Programme Two:
1 - 2 Dec: 9.00 - 17.00
8 Feb 2023 (follow-on session)
Course in Detail

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Members £1,350
Non-members £2,700

About this Programme

Based on Dave Millner’s experience and CRF’s ongoing research into people analytics, this programme aims to take a commercial, HR-centric view of data and analytics, assisting HR practitioners in how to leverage data to deliver tangible business impact. It is about giving participants the confidence to work with data, not just to drive better reporting, but to provide more persuasive analysis that ensures HR is making a real impact on business performance.

Who Should Attend?

The programme is aimed at HRBPs and HRDs, as well as heads of shared services or heads of a centre of expertise/excellence. It is aimed at helping HR professionals understand how analytics can help them move beyond gut instinct to diagnose the real issues and facilitate the delivery of high-impact solutions.

Benefits of Attending

  • Understand the increasing importance of data when addressing business problems as an HR practitioner
  • Demystify the subject of using data and analytical insights and gain an understanding of key principles and good practice
  • Develop the confidence to use data and people analytics to address key commercial and strategic challenges
  • Convince business leaders to act on people issues based on the language that they understand: numbers, value and data
  • Practical guidance on using data and analytics, informed by case studies, key models and diagnostic tools
Course director

Dave Millner

Dave Millner has over 30 years consulting experience working with global clients with performance and organisational development based demands. His focus is to ensure that organisations are able to both unify their talent practices whilst dealing with the challenges of the future workforce and ever changing technology demands. Dave is known through social media channels as @HRCurator and is passionate about the role that HR can play in the transformational challenges facing all organisations with data analytics at the heart of the evolving function.
Patrick Jones - Course author