Free Module - Integrated Talent Management: The Essentials

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This course is essential for any HR practitioner looking to understand how to design more effective talent approaches. Gain the tools to enhance your organisation's talent management ROI, and build an integrated approach rooted in business need and context.

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About this Course

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Who Should Enrol?

This course is aimed at HR practitioners looking to upgrade their talent management strategies, and stress-test current practices against new perspectives.

Benefits of Enrolling

  • Build an integrated talent management approach using our exclusive framework
  • Modernise and upgrade your talent management strategies

  • Discover the essentials of talent management activity and evaluation

  • Gain the insights and tools to enhance your talent management ROI

Nick Kemsley

Nick brings a wealth of experience in the HR arena. His career spans many sectors and combines 20 years’ corporate experience as a senior HR leader and in wider business roles, plus several years in organisational consulting and HR capability development and research. Nick works with c-suite teams and HR leadership teams around the world. He specialises in aligning organisation to strategy and increasing HR functional and individual effectiveness in the context of the new economic landscape.
Patrick Jones - Course author